NORVED SOLUTIONS is a purchasing, logistics and engineering independent network born from one of the biggest manufacturing groups in the world. Thanks group’s experience, NORVED SOLUTIONS has the purchasing power and “know-how” leverage for the commercialization, geo-localization and engineering development and consulting. 

Key Advantages
  • Strategic localization to cover wide range of countries.

  • Over 50 supplier network.

  • Best Price Guaranteed.

  • Best Delivery Time Guaranteed. 

  • Specific "Know-How" 

  • Professional Consulting 

  • Dynamic Team. 

Why work with us?

NORVED SOLUTIONS offers the best service in the market regarding cost-efficency and optimization of consumables and processes. We count with a wide range of alternatives and proposals to make your business more effective and sustainable while offering and complying with the highest quality standards. 

"The best way to be competitive in the industrial sector is by reducing costs. And costs are everywhere and anywhere... So better keep an eye on them"